What sets great builders apart.

My wife and I are the purchasers in Clarksburg, MD, and I am writing to share with you our pleasant home purchase experience with Craftmark Homes.

In the summer of 2010, my wife and I were in preliminary talks about purchasing a single family home from another Maryland residential home builder. The sale fell through for many reasons, but it was primarily due to poor customer service and an arrogant marketing approach about the company’s product.

This disappointing experience made us that much more grateful for the sales representatives such as Jack Q., who diligently guided us through the sales process, was extremely knowledgeable about the Craftmark product, and answered all of our questions without hesitation. Jack ultimately made the purchase of our home a very enjoyable experience.

The pleasure of working with Craftmark did not stop at the sales office, but continued throughout the process. Our project manager, Robert (Rob) T., built us an exceptional home, ensuring impeccable craftsmanship and fulfilling last-minute customer requests.  Rob was a professional in dealing with building obstacles, and always provided exceptional customer service. Rob voluntarily became our primary contact, making himself readily available to us through the construction phase and even after occupancy.

We thank you and everyone at Craftmark Homes for the beautiful home you have built for our family.  It is employees like Rob & Jack who set the great builders apart from the good ones.


S. & M. F.