A Shoutout to Elsa.. Thanks

A true professional and a great human being who made the journey from contract to settlement towards owning a Craftmark home a wonderful and pleasant experience.

After hearing horror stories from friends buying homes from other builders, Elsa was an angel to us. She followed up with every detail, adapted to every need, helped us pick and choose stuffhad patience with our fickle mind. Always had a fine balance of our interests and Craftmark’s towards meeting our needs. Including Larry who gave us a fine piece of house where finding issues was challenge even for the home inspector.

They aligned to our delivery schedule and took care of everything, even when we had some personal challenges. Truly appreciate everything and would recommend to one and all to go for Craftmark Homes and preferably via Elsa!

Wonderful and Pleasant Experience

My family and I have been at our Craftmark home for the past several months now and I just have to say, Elsa was the best sales manager! She handled all of our inquiries and concerns professionally, and we are very happy with our home.

Larry, the production manager, was also very splendid in accommodating our needs and continues to follow through with all of the details and aspects in the way Craftmark has built their homes.

All-in-all, my family and I are highly satisfied with the great customer service we’ve experienced with Elsa, and the rest of the Craftmark staff! Thank you so much for everything, and wish you all the best!

– Peter & Family