Outstanding Personnel

My husband, David, and I are new, first time homeowners in your Riverwalk development located in Laurel, MD.  During the time between when we first set our heart on this neighborhood and when we obtained the deed, there have been two outstanding personnel that went above and beyond their job descriptions.

First, Lou K. was an amazing sales representative for the community.  He not only went over all of the amenities, documents, and area highlights but also ensured that all of our questions were answered.  He even took extra time with us (upwards of 5-6 hours during one particular meeting, therefore skewing his other appointments) to answer questions fully as we were deciding on the particulars of the house and signing the paperwork. In my mind, Lou’s job had basically finished when we went on our first walkthrough, but he never let the communication go stagnant.  He ensured that we knew about upcoming meetings as well as inquiring whether we were happy with how things were turning out.

Second, Matt P., our project manager, was absolutely outstanding.  He ensured that we not only received all of the requests that we made regarding the build of the house, but he also took the time to ensure that all of our concerns were well addressed prior to when we took over ownership of the property.  His attention to detail caught a drainage issue that he thought could have been engineered better (a drainage pipe in the back of the townhouse).  He noticed it and immediately noted down that he should raise the drainage spout to allow for better design.  My husband and I, although a physicist and an engineer, would have never caught this and would have had to deal with it as time went on.  During two meetings with Matt, I did not feel well and had to go inside and sit down while he and David discussed the garage and outdoor structure (as I am/ was pregnant at the time and became nauseas due to the extreme heat outdoors).  After discussing with my husband, Matt came inside, to check on me – to ensure that I was feeling better -, and then proceeded to go through what my husband and he found and discussed.  He took his time to ensure I understood everything.  As we went through the first and final walkthroughs, Matt also ensured that all items were noted down that required fixing such that he would not forget.  One amazing thing, to us, is that he started to make calls and have workers fix issues even as the walkthroughs progressed.  This, above all, made us feel as if he really cared about the quality and workmanship of the house. It was also easy to see that his desire for excellent quality and good workmanship made him an excellent team leader, as it transpired through to his crew who were always very nice and very responsive to his requests.  He also is very knowledgeable about the appliances, property lines, and county laws.  We tried googling and asking questions to everyone regarding these three items over the course of a few months and found that Matt was the only one who really could answer our questions fully.

Lou and Matt also worked out 2 special design requests for us as well, while the house was being built. The requests were to remove the knee wall and soffet as well as extend the width (by a foot) between the counter top and main counter of the kitchen, both of which were on the main floor.  They also ensured that we received the cabinet and countertop that we desired, although others had been ordered for this property (as the house was getting to a stage where the orders needed to be placed as we were signing the documents).  To me, this quality of service meant the world, as I have gone through many houses being built with my parents, and no builder can compare to the quality of service that these two employees have given to us.

To us, Lou and Matt are two amazing faces of Craftstar Homes.  They, to us, embody what we think is generally missing from most employees – a concern for quality, care, and knowledge that is required to deliver a product that is sturdy, safe, and beautiful.

Thank you for the wonderful home that have you made for us.  We love it and wanted you to know how much we appreciate everything that you and your team have done for us.

~G T